Blue Sky Capital Resources will seek investments in the early stages of their lifecycle which present significant growth potential, either through a proven ability to disrupt an existing market or by addressing an untapped or underserved market segment.

As an equity partner, Blue Sky Capital Resources will provide operational and strategic expertise as well as access to capital to facilitate and accelerate the realization of this potential.

Partnership Philosophy

At Blue Sky Capital Resources, our focus is on achieving success through partnership. We recognize that, as a business owner, you bring specialized expertise and insights. Accordingly, we understand that our value lies as much in our ability to listen and learn as it does in providing resources and ideas. Together, we can provide complementary experience and resources to strengthen your organizational foundation. Our goal is to utilize the best of everyone’s capabilities and to achieve next-level performance.

Our Acquisition Process

Our partnerships begin long before a transaction is consummated. It begins with a deep analysis of the business, getting to know the individuals involved, and open dialogue surrounding strategic potential. This process is as much about business owners vetting Blue Sky as it is about Blue Sky reviewing an investment. If all parties believe that there is significant value in a partnership, we will work together to achieve mutually beneficial terms to achieve it.

Once we have decided to partner with a business, we purchase a majority equity stake. While we utilize the following four-stage outline as a blueprint for investments, the specific strategic plan will be mapped according to the needs and opportunities presented by the individual partnership.

Initial Acquisition

  • Executive member placement
  • Cultural assimilation
  • Strategic Planning

Our initial offer to partner not only articulates the value structure and timing but also lays out growth strategy to ensure alignment of vision of the future of the company.


  • Initial Transfer of Knowledge
  • Growth Mapping

We maintain a boots-on-the-ground mentality during the implementation process. Newco will be run as a partnership with appropriate members of the Blue Sky team placed at acquisition to support existing management.


  • Execute Infrastructure Implementation
  • Implement Market Share Capture Strategy

A professional management team is crucial to the success of a business. We strategically recruit and develop the core management team in preparation for a meaningful exit.

Exit Planning

  • Full Leadership Conversion
  • Complete Transfer of Knowledge
  • Merger and Acquisition Process