The Valuation Gap

The Valuation Gap: Many owners think their business should be worth more   In the Lower-Middle-Market, we come across many businesses that are still in their early stages.  Not necessarily in years, but in the sophistication of systems and processes within the business.  Although the business owner may have already put a lot of sweat…

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Year End Thoughts

By: Alan Lewis   Since my last writing in September much has happened, and therefore I would like to bring several subjects to everyone’s attention.  I will begin with what happened to the repo market and why it’s important.  Then, I will also touch on demographics and their importance for the economy and financial markets. …

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July 2019 Macro Thoughts

Are global capitalism and free trade in decline?  This is the first question that comes to mind when I consider where we are today in terms of the global economy.  Since the Trump election, “America first” and similar nationalist paradigms have generated significant impact in economic considerations throughout the world.  What does this mean, and…

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