What We Do

Blue Sky Capital Resources invests in early-stage businesses that present significant growth potential, either through a proven ability to disrupt an existing market or by addressing an untapped or underserved market segment.

Partnership Philosophy

At Blue Sky Capital Resources, our focus is on achieving success through partnership. We recognize that, as a business owner, you bring specialized expertise and insights. Accordingly, we understand that our value lies as much in our ability to listen and learn as it does in providing resources and ideas.

Together, we can provide complementary experience and resources to strengthen your organizational foundation.

Our goal is to utilize the best of everyone’s capabilities and to achieve next-level performance.

Meet the Blue Sky Capital Resources Team

We are business owners with years of experience in reaching our business goals. Now let’s partner together to reach yours.

Troy Tucker

Acquisition Targeting

Ed Bogle

Market Analysis

Jason Tuzinkewich

Exit Planning
Lasala, Amy (Cornerstone) 9713Cp retouched-square

Amy Lasala

Due Diligence
Alan Lewis

Alan Lewis

Investment and Risk Management

Free Consultation

It all starts with a conversation. Reach out and tell us a little about yourself and we’ll be in touch to schedule an initial consultation.


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